Monday, 31 August 2009

rain away from home

It rained a lot today, we travelled the width of the country, to get wet?!

I saw a large red jellyfish in the middle of a road, Furry-face told me it was a 'broken humbrella', but I know better, the amount of rain we've had, it was the first of many sea creatures to invade our land as opportunity arises.

Seriously wet though, we could've just done that at home?

Sunday, 30 August 2009

body armour?

For a while now, I've been aware of some small sunny boxes within the Giant's HQ. They light up during the day and become quite warm, appearing to contain some kind of tropical climate.

Well, I discovered today that there are inhabitants in these warm worlds! I met one the Giants call "Dax", he's an odd creature that seems to be able to cling to vertical surfaces, although he's quite fast across the slidey fake-wood floor, he's very good at skidding to a stop. I investigated with a lick or two, but he wears some kind of spiky body armour, it hurt my tongue. He was watching me with his beady eyes, and then he licked me back - from nearly a foot away?!

He ran and skidded across the floor, I wanted to play too, but I seemed to be pinned to the floor by my rear end, must be some side effect of the spikes or long tongue-lick? He returned across the room and climbed the wall back into his warm world, where he was fed some jumpy-things.

Now that I know he's in there, I can sit and watch him from in front of his world, he seems to want out to play, running back and forth in front of me, he waves at me a lot.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Surprised to see me?

Early morning, I'd been walked and fed, yet the cat clone still lay on the bed, staring at me as I sat on the minefield board? He's normally ran away by this time, very odd.

It wasn't long before Chewy and Furry-face appeared, Chewy sat down on the bed, grabbed the clone and started trying to split his head apart, maybe his jaw had jammed shut, he has been a bit quiet lately? Furry mentioned something about squirming tablets? Then Chewy had both hands around his head, was he going to explode? Furry joined in, as the clone did indeed seem to be squirming, Furry knelt on the bed in front of me, that was my view spoiled!?

The struggle continued for a while, once they had both let go, Chewy moved to one side - the clone sat looking dejected and unhappy, almost foaming at the mouth. Then he realised something was very wrong. His face now one of fear, he took two paces back, hair spiky, Furry suddenly became aware, then Chewy… yes, I was watching again, but not from the floor any more. The realisation by all that I had sneaked onto the bed, which no-one knew I could do, but I'd been practicing, and I was peeking between the two Giants to get a better view.

The cat clone ran up and over Furry-face and flew out of the room, so I rolled over to get my belly rubbed - my turn!

Friday, 28 August 2009

I choose the toys!

We needed some supplies from the large warehouse, you know, toiletries, food… and a few other things, ahem.

Whilst Furry-face was looking at the smelly black bags and a new neck-tie for me, I was busy behind him, picking myself some new toys from the bins I could reach. There were fuzzy balls on tied-up strings, that now are less fuzzy and no longer tied-up, a bouncy ball that bounced away from me, and kept on bouncing until I lost sight of it, and my favourite new plush - a pink bone.

Yes, pink! I lifted it out quietly, started killing it straight away, and by the time Furry had spotted me, it was wrecked enough and soggy enough, he had to bring it home for me! It's standing up to some quite rigorous testing so far, apart from the washing instructions label, which has now gone!

Yes. PINK! Alright with that?! Grrrrrrrr!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Nyehh… what's up, dog??

After yesterday's excitement of the party, I recalled the lady in green mentioning something about sore gums and frozen carrots. Now that she's mentioned it, my teeth and gums have been a little twitchy over the past few days, with a sudden urge to chew things very hard, and constantly. Chewy helps it a bit by rubbing that beef-flavoured paste along them, but it comes back after a while.

As luck would have it, Furry-face had been listening too and had already made a 'carrot cone' for me. It made my head shiver, but it was great. So great, I ran around, came back, growled and barked (a lot) at it, then pounced right back on to it, mnnnumnum. Not only does it help soothe my teeth and gums, it's really tasty too! Apparently, I look like something called 'Dugs Bunny'?

Getting the angle right is going to take a lot of training for Furry-face, Chewy's better at holding it, but complains of 'blue fingers', whatever that is?! I might need to invent the 'carrot cone stand' to cut out the useless Giants.

Now, I think my next blog entry should be about this funny smell that's appeared all-of-a-sudden!?!?

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Puppy Partaay!

I'm told that I'm getting bigger, fast! But I hadn't realised it myself until today…

I was invited to a 'puppy party' to meet other pups my age, so I jumped at the chance! I was quite surprised when I arrived to find others already there, some slightly younger, a few the same age, but all much smaller. Then… she arrived! the door opened, there was a flash of light, and her Golden Retriever silhouette appeared in the doorway. Grace was her name, and she deserved it. From the way she stood, her long legs, soft blonde hair, youthful good looks, the way she pulled on her lead, right down to the way she slipped across the slidey floor, just like the rest of us had.

She sat next to me!

We were all given little rubber eggs filled with lots of biscuits and gooey treats, I wanted to share mine with Grace, she agreed. I was distracted momentarily while a pile of new toys to test were emptied onto the floor. I instantly grabbed the ones that looked most destructable and set to work. I hadn't noticed, but all the others had started running around behind me, so after I killed a toy or two, I joined in.

We bounced around the room together, went for a drink, had a run through the tunnel of love (also known as the row of chairs our Giants were sitting on). As Grace and I rolled on the floor playfully, I was aware of something tickling my back leg. I ignored the sensation for a while, but when I turned around, I had a 7 week old Jack Russell pup hanging from my leg, he was very clingy!

After the fun, we were taken out to the waiting room of the animal hospital, so that we could all bark at the bigger dogs that were waiting. Grace left without even a goodbye kiss? But we spoke to lots of folk before we left.

As Furry-face took me out the door to visit the little-boys' field, there she was, once again, a vision of cuteness! She had been bursting for the loo worse than I was and had to leave in a hurry, but the noisy Giants building a large metal and concrete structure next door, had spooked her, she was terrified. I braved the loud noises and escorted her to the communal pee field, past the noisy giants like a knight in furry armour! We played, we pee'd and then we promised to see each other again one day.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Show & Smell

Beagle Racing was early today, we had to be there for 10am, something about a fun day with shows. I was hoping for a cabaret or even a comedy hour, but instead, we got dragged around a wet field getting muddy, smelly and very soggy.

I can't resist a roll in the wet grass, especially if there's mud or poo in it, so by the time our show was meant to start, I was black! I wasn't even allowed to get any popcorn or ice cream? Mind you, I got plenty hot dogs for behaving in the ring. Which is an odd name for a square bit of field? Anyway, My 'class' was called, I was hoping it was 'cunning' or 'toy-testing' they taught, but only walking to heel and in a straight line. I'm no use at that, so I ran, bounced, barked, growled and chewed my way across the ring. I wasn't impressed with the lady that tried to steal my ears though. I gave her a paw, then the other, but she didn't want them, I suspect she was looking for sticks or stones that I'd stored in my jowls for later snacks!

I must have scared off all the competition, as I was the only beagle puppy in my class. I won! Best Beagle Puppy!

I was being bullied by a Plumber Terrier in my other class though, so I fought back (from behind Chewy's legs) and I suspect that's why I didn't get a prize that time.

My hero Murphy did really well too, he won the Best Racing dog and also got first in the Beagle Derby, again! He got a funky green coat to wear and a HUGE trophy. I could've fitted inside it, well, maybe six weeks ago. His older sister, Babycakes, won quite a few little chewy rosettes too. She's cool too!

I celebrated in style with a short run up the track, the land squid was very fast today, but so was I! I nearly escaped too, Furry-face almost didn't catch me, I was going so fast. 20 yards I got today. I think I impressed a few whippets! No photos though, Furry-face was too busy trying to catch me!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

over, under, through, around… knots

Yesterday, I managed to soak my long rope in the sea and then drag it through some nasty horsey stuff, so Chewy treated me to a trip to the giant warehouse, and bought me a Magic Rope!

This Magic Rope is fantastic, it gets longer as I run away, yet it vanishes as I run back towards it, now how am I going to catch it to play? It seems to be quite stubborn sometimes, no matter how hard I pull it or lick it, it just won't come out. Very odd, further testing required at a future date!

It didn't take me long to figure out that if I go around a tree or a fencepost, whichever Giant is on the other end of the Magic Rope has to either come with me, or pass the handle around the object.

Well, I'm not one to miss an opportunity, under a fence, around the post, through a bush, and then back under the original fence for good measure. By that time, the first knot has been undone, so perfect timing. Trees are no fun though, I was chasing a leaf on the wind but it cunningly circled a tree to escape. I have decided that leaves are, in fact, magicians, and are aware of the secrets of the Magic Rope.

I theorise that I could weave the Magic Rope in and out of a Giant's legs to tie them up on the spot, a gentle push should be enough to conquer and overcome them!

Friday, 21 August 2009

BBQ at a Beach

This morning, I was allowed a short sleep in the tank, then I was was led through a really tall grass tunnel to a hazy, sweet-smelling clearing with hundreds of Giants, and tenty-things with strings to chew on. It must be a secret location of the Giants' homeworld, entered only by grassy tunnel? The misty, smoky stuff smelled so tasty, like my hot dog treats, only more cooked. Way more cooked! It was making me drool!

I was led over a hill to see sea, and more of that sandy stuff, the sea seemed to be fighting it harder than ever. I barked at it, but was ignored. I met lots of new friends, giant and dog, some of them played with me on the beach, but they were quite careless and kept throwing their toys in the salty water. I joined in, but I only have little leggies, so I got very wet, but the water makes me quite thirsty - how odd!?

After throwing my bouncy ball in the salty stuff too many times, I decided to bury it in this sand. I frantically dug a hole, but when I turned around to get the ball, it had gone?! Only a large, sandy mound where it had been. Very strange. So I just dug some more to pass the time.

I saw some odd things though, including a man walking his box on a string in the sky, a round Giant cycling through the sea wearing a black rubber band, a pair of abandonned shoes, two Giants torturing a ball tied to a skinny tree using bats to swing it around, and some tiny buildings on the sand that I was able to demolish quite easily.

After a run, some jumping, a swim, but no midday snooze, I was glad to catch some Z's on the return home. After I'd played with the stick I sneaked on-board!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Now that you know, I'll get comfy!

So I figured, now that my jumping secret has been revealed, I might as well make myself at home!?

Before, the cushions were a dead giveaway showing up my white hair, but I was looking forward to a soft, comfy lie down, this leather stuff is really slippy. I dragged the cushions into the warm sunshine, carefully got them stacked on top of each other, time for a LONG nap. Well, now that Furry-face and Chewy know I can get up here, I don't have to worry about the evidence or keep my ears tuned for the footsteps!

I awoke as the sun's warmth faded, I was aware that Furry-face had returned, sitting next to me. "This is the life" I thought, I'll just wait until he gets up for more coffee, then I'll steal the spot he's softened and warmed up for me!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sofa - Rumbled

For a while now, I've been sneakily practising my leaping abilities. I've been keeping it low-profile, little things have been teleporting themselves mysteriously from "out of reach" places onto the floor. A cusion, a wet towel, a jacket, rubber bands, pens, camera case - carelessness or forgetfullness got the blame, even the cloned cat was pointed at a few times.

Over the past few days, I've had some close calls. On hearing footsteps or voices, I've been spotted emerging from the main room, looking sweet and innocent, just wakened and stretching, from "my bed". But today, I was so tired, my lightning reflexes failed me. Rumbled!

I've been leaping onto the sofa for wee snoozes (avoiding the cushions as they would collect my white hairs and give my new-found abilities away), but alas, I'm discovered. Where I was always allowed up on Furry-face or Chewy, it was only on them, never the sofa itself. So now that they know of my agility, I can show them that I can jump up on them without having my rear lifted by them.

Now to perfect the 'sneak manouvre' that allows me to enter the room quietly and leap, unannounced onto them, getting the maximum startled reaction, and even high-pitched tears from Furry-face for some reason?

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

a spot of gardening

not so long ago, I discovered the sneaky tricks gardeners use to keep their plants safe. Nets, fences, large invisible forcefields, and even making plants live on top of walls. Now, my wee leggies can't get me up to these walled gardens yet, but my cunning has won the day again.

The distraction technique, if timed properly, should catch out even the most experienced and knowledgeable dognapper! The coat gets put on, the treats placed in pocket, leash gets picked up, "sit", door unlocked, handle pulled down, pee now! During the long walk to the food preparation room, squeeze a paw in the gap the door has. Free! Well, into the front garden at least!

But what to snack on? So much choice - grass, heather, weeds, leaves, petals, more weeds… and roses. Quite a challenge these roses! My first bounce through the garden a few days ago, I found the clever defences of these roses. They fired a triangular pointy bit of wood into my paw pads. Furry-face had to remove it as I couldn't walk without it getting pushed further in. But today, I was ready, I snuck up on them from behind, snapping off their arms between the defences, chomping away to remove their skin, the leaves and petals are quite tasty!

Once the pee was neutralised, my rose attacking was foiled, head down, tromp back through the leaves, sad, sorrowful eyes set to maximum!

Monday, 17 August 2009

catching a wave

I'm getting lots of practice with this long rope. Furry-face seems happy if I explore the undergrowth for a while then run to catch up, or run on ahead and find things to take him in return for treats.

I was reeled in to go visit the white-water rapids in the park. I tried to chase the waves as they swam past, I even tried to get closer. Slippy things these rocks. Hey, I can swim, who knew!? I got it though, I caught the wave, tried to carry it for a bit too, but it seeped out through my jowls as I jumped trough various tree roots.

We walked back up a big hill, then through a forest where I played at picking up a bigger stick each time. Until I found one that was clinging onto the ground really hard. Then I walked away, embarrassed.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

odd ropes and soft gray floors

I got to go see Bar Knee again today, he's looking old, I think I'll get him a couple of pairs of walking sticks as presents. His servant had a contraption that spits out lengths of rope, they attached it to me and we went outside.

Almost free!!!! I was able to run for miles, this rope seemed endless. I tried to figure out which way was home, but there was a sweet smell of hotdogs, and a brand new bouncy ball, very distracting. Furry-face was at one end of the long green carpet, Chewy at the other end. They took turns at calling me, so I went from one end to the other. Well, they were just giving away these hotdogs.

I got a bit full though, so started exploring, then this new ball went whizzing past, I gave chase. I took it to Furry-face, he didn't want it, he threw it at Chewy. I followed it and caught it just before it hit her. Chewy didn't want it either, she threw it at, well, not sure what she was aiming at, but I went to get it for Furry-face. He kept throwing it at Chewy, I kept chasing it, Chewy must've been trying to confuse my directional skills, hitting windows, sheds, bushes, Furry was safe!

I was tired, so we went to see Chewy's folks, they have a strange outbuilding (must be their toilet) that was fun to make Chewy chase me around, she got lost. As well as the strange small building, they have indoor fake concrete floors, but soft. I decided to give it a test-run, nice and soft for bouncing on, running on and also peeing on, most comfortable.

I think they should go into mass production and cover the whole of outside with it.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Time-travelling Tin Men

We went looking for a nice place to have a run around free today, no luck, we aparently need a large fenced area to stop Furry-face and Chewy wandering off and getting lost. The search continues.

But we did stumble accross some time-travellers, these folk were from medium evil times aparently. Some were wearing old bed sheets and rugs, but there were a few giant, walking tuna tins, they must have become extinct since then. Some of the lady giants in sheets stopped to speak, obviously never had beagles in medium evil times!

I attempted to chase one of the giant men, he had a particularly fluffy sheet round his neck, all the way to his old shoes - they looked well-used, worn, soft - okay they looked tasty! I grabbed his 'cloak' but Furry-face made me let go, something about hot liquid from above? I guess it was protected like castles used to be, boiling water poured on attackers. He came back once his hands were free from coffee-type defences.

Two of these giant tuna tins were now sitting on top of vintage horses, they looked like very old models, some still had the dust covers on them. But these two tins were now carrying small trees, they started hitting each other with them? I think someone forgot the tin-opener for lunch, and they were getting hungry and desparate!

Two of the vintage horses tried to steal a giant, he looked terrified, but they stopped as they couldn't find an escape route.

When they returned to their own time, I wandered around, meeting lots of other dogs, including a hybrid beagle, he was similar size and age to me, but much stronger and very easy to wind up. He had really long legs, I bet they'd come in handy for racing!

We stopped for some food, and something called 'cones' - I preferred my leaf, it didn't have any flaky bits!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Fox ShamPoo

Whilst I was at the Beagle Racing, lots of other beagles gave me advice and taught me a few things I didn't know about giants and life as a beagle. There were lots of little whispers in my ear from experienced dogs-of-the-world.

The best way to keep our coats shiny, soft, well-conditioned and smelling sweet - Fox ShamPoo! That's right, wild-found, fully natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives or colourings, it's the perfect treatment for beagle fur.

The secret to a Fox ShamPoo treatment is making sure you find it in plenty of time to dive in it and roll around, rub it all over, massaging it into your head, face, back, legs, and even lying down on it to get it into those hard-to-reach underarm areas.

This is particularly difficult if you haven't mastered off-lead control yet, spotting the product before a giant does, and having plenty application time whilst on a short leash is tricky. A quick dive onto it and rolling as fast as you can before a giant can realise you've found your Fox ShamPoo should allow enough coating to improve fur quality and odour.

I've found it's a great way to attract the doggy ladies too. An irresistible scent, apparently.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Running the Gauntlet

I forgot to mention that last week, I had a chance to try out a Beagle Agility Assault Course. It was after the excitement of the racing, it must've slipped my mind.

Biggles and Beanie brought along some hurdles and a scary blue tunnel, they seemed to know what they were doing, so I watched them for a while. It looked easy, so I decided to have a wee shot. I'd heard Beagles were used to wake soldiers each morning in the army, possibly another career opportunity?

The hurdles were in the lowest setting, I think the higher ones are for stilt-walking dogs from the circus. I'd watched the others sail over the bars with ease, but my short legs just couldn't reach. I instantly discovered a wee shortcut, a cunning plan to just walk straight under them as I was the perfect height for it. After the first run, well, more like a bloated, sleepy stagger, I realised that I'd taken out every fence? My harness acted like a sharks fin, knocking over each bar with perfect precision. My second attempt was more successful. I did refuse at one jump to go around the side, well, the grass was tastier there!!

The scary blue tunnel was like a horror ride at a funfair to me, there was a scary, upside-down Furry-face at the other end, making high-pitched wailing noises of "cumonen" and "thruyacum". I went through as there were treats involved, but it felt like I was surrounded by smurfs waiting to ambush me.

No rope-swings or zip-wire though, disappointed!?

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Eating Them out of House and Home

Occasionally, I'm left to roam the enclosed rear yard at HQ by myself, this has come in handy in the past for finding catfood lying around unattended.

I've tried out the various attractions, the weeds, the stones, I really like ferns and plastic plant pots, but I've discovered I have access to something tastier than stones - the building!

I found a small crack in the render along the bottom of the wall, if I nudge it hard enough and repeatedly, I can knock bits of the building off to chew on. MUCH tastier than big stones, kind of a woody, brick-like flavour, with a sandy texture. It's especially good followed by a rain-bucket drink. Quite the picnic-at-home.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Stick Rattling

it's one thing to carry a stick around, but to put it to good use whilst it's in your mouth takes great skill.

Here's something you could try next time you're out for a walk, pick up a medium to large-sized stick, carefully work it over to one side of your mouth, hanging out by the end. Next you need to find a metal fence or equally spaced out fence poles or posts. Metal, wood or plastic, although metal polse give the best effect. Metal fences with small gaps are the funniest.

Make sure the stick is hanging out of your mouth at the side the fence is on, then casually move closer until it starts to contact the fence/poles. Keep a tight grip on the stick, start the clanging. Well spaced-out posts give a solid 'donk' every so often, but if you can find a metal fence with small gaps, a rewarding 'ratatatatatatatatatat' will sound for the length of the walk. Or until a giant has had enough noise and removes the stick.

Apologies for the poor-quality video, Furry-face isn't as handy with video as he is stills, I think it's the lack of straps!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Racing in the Rain

After two days of a break from Chewy and Furry-face, they treated me to another day at the racing. A few of my friends from last time were there, but some were sadly missing. I had long chats with some of them, but their giants kept interrupting us. They kept getting my name wrong though, they seemed to think my name was "Heesgrown". A few even thought I was a different puppy, must have been the way I had my hair combed?

I hoped to get another wee run to try and catch that red and white land squid. I waited patiently for ages, watching the others try to get it, I got a little bored, so I tried to chew through my chain, I was nearly through when I got carried on to the track. The squid was fast this time, but I was faster, I caught it twice, even growled at it a few times whilst running. Although I didn't manage to stop the second time, it tripped me up as I grabbed it and I tumbled tail-over-snout. Very sneaky this squid, I'll get my revenge next time!

Then we all had to run, no squids to chase, but there seemed to be a flood coming from the sky.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Beagle Binman

A very early start today, I was taken into town to meet yesterday's stand-in captor, she obviously didn't learn her lessons. I explored her lair, attacking her pet furry slippers, repeatedly. Once again, the pee distraction worked flawlessly, and I discovered, although I can't climb trees, the giant-bed in her lair was more accessible than that in Furry-face & Chewy's HQ. Or have I just eaten a cake that made me grow tall?

A large pee at one end of the lair, trot off to the room containing the bed, one large jump and small scramble later, on the bed, result! At last, I can get a decent chew of the covers, and my first taste of things called "Pillows". These things are really soft, extremely chewy yet great for bouncing up and down on. Unless, of course, they've been chewed too much, then they get too soggy and refuse to bounce.

It turned out that this "Ola" had a career plan for me. I'd heard that Edinburgh's Refuse Collectors were all on the holiday island called "Strike", so there was no-one to do their jobs collecting bins. Obviously a plan to put my hoovering skills to good use!

We set off through the streets, picking up bottles, wrappers, small cardboard telescopes, soggy things, dry things, paper that simply melts in the mouth, delicious. There were even Giant versions of my latest toy, the Kong, a more detailed report on that soon! The Giant version is apparently called "Cans", just like the Kongs, the treats inside need to be extracted from the outer puzzle bit using the tongue.

As much as my efforts seemed to be going well, one day is not enough to clean the streets. It was late when Furry & Chewy returned, they took me out for one last refuse pickup, but I refused to co-operate and jumped into their temporary tank. I slept all the way back from town.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Ola Day

Both Chewy and Furry-face ran away today, they mentioned something about an "Ola Day"? My hard work recognised at last, a short break for beagles perhaps?

My stand-in captor has read her mission instructions, luckily, I read them first. Full advantage will be taken of "don't let him help clean up after a pee or poo, make sure he can't see you". The quick-pee distraction technique should fix that - a small pee at one end of the great hall, followed by a brisk trot to nibble on whatever bag has been left at my level.

The technique works perfectly, so well, in fact, that I managed to keep her so busy I couuld sneak into the back garden, right in to the cat-house-rabbit-house (wasn't that a Tina Turner lyric?). My timing was perfect, there must be an automatic sensor that opens the food container, the second I approached, it sprung open, a full tray of catfood! Mmmm - Cod & Plaice!

Why does this catfood taste SO much better than my rabbity-chickeny stuff?

Thursday, 6 August 2009


I was walking through the park, dragging ol' Furry-face behind me, hoovering up nice sticks that had fallen from the sky (but hadn't grown up yet), when this ball of fur fell from the sky, landing bolt upright, just within pouncing distance.

It just sat there?! Furry-face was equally surprised, but after a few seconds, he reassured me that it wasn't an evil flying monkey from that 'Oz' film, it was a "Squiggel", well, that's what he said, I'm sure of it. It was a grey one, not red, I guess that means they aren't ready to eat yet?

It looked embarrassed, but just as I was about to investigate further, it started making the weirdest high-pitched noises I've ever heard. Tilting my head didn't make them any clearer, but it scampered off towards the big tree nearby, still chirping at me, as if it were my fault it had fallen from the sky?! I followed.

Today I have discovered… I can't climb trees.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Joy of Socks

I have developed a strange urge lately… a sudden desire to grab things in my arms, then thrust my hips repeatedly and frantically. I have absolutely no idea why this feeling suddenly takes control, nor do I have any clue what I'm actually doing, as there seems to be no point to it, it's just like an itch that needs scratched.

The urge has led me to grab my chewy dog and repeatedly thrust at it. Now let me tell you, grabbing a long, skinny chewy dog in the right position ain't easy! It even managed to make little squeaking noises in time with my hip movements, most interesting.

Other victims of this urge include my bed, a doorstop, a plant pot, a duvet and my favourites, Furry-face and Chewy's socks! Neither of them seem to like me doing this, but they just leave their feet lying there, with socks of various colours, textures and smells. If they're sitting on the floor, the position of their foot is irresistible, as I can grab their toes easily whilst gyrating on their ankles, or even their soles if the position is reversed. It seems to have the strange reaction of them removing their socks though, which isn't fair, I can't grab their bare feet quite as well! But if I watch closely, I can see where they put them, then go steal them when they turn around, free to grab them as I please, in any position I can get myself into.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Never-ending Waves and Traps

I took Furry-face for a walk to South Queensferry again, I intended to investigate the smelly "chippie" further, but after dragging him the length of the main street, there was no smell and the shop was closed. I decided to hunt for some raw ingredients at the harbour, I could smell fish, and these 'chips' must follow them around, as they always seem to be together.

I sped down a ramp to the source of the smell, but was met with small puddles of liquid similar to my drinking water, but not tasty in the slightest, it made me want to spit it out, someone must've over-salted it. As I approached the massive water bowl at the base of the ramp, the salty liquid in it started chasing me, then running away again? As soon as I dived after it, it turned around again to attack me! I bent down and growled at it, but still it ran away, came back, getting closer each time. I tried throwing some empty stone-eggs at it, but it seemed to swallow these shells and carry them away.

I tried lying down, waiting for it to get tired, but Furry-face was too impatient and carried me away up some stairs, said we'd get carried away too if we stayed any longer.

As we walked back to the tank, I saw a vantage point to get a better attack at the liquid in the massive bowl. I squeezed my ears through the gap to get a better look, A TRAP!!! This liquid must be quite intelligent to have such defences. Furry-face had to rescue me, how embarrassing!?

Sunday, 2 August 2009

dreams come true

An early start for us all today, to help us forget the tragic events of the last few days, we set off for a trip to a car boot sale, at Kill Ross. Now, I'm sure the red tank already has a boot, but anyway, we wandered around. There were some second-hand books, jewellery, old toys, no boots, but there was this great table cover that had some old jewellery sitting on it. I had to have it, so I wandered off with it. Chewy caught the stuff from the top, and Furry-face wouldn't let me keep it, said I had covers already.

Then, they had a surprise for me… a short trip to a Kings car den, a large field with a fenced-off strip, numbers on vests and beagles, other beagles - Beagle Racing!!!

There were these two nutters, Biggles and Beanie, they shouted a lot, so I joined in, they dug up grass, so I joined in, they had a huge play fight… I watched from behind Furry-face's legs. We walked to the track where lots of giants made their dogs jealous by rubbing my fur, then we heard a loud "GO", followed by a sudden blur behind the fence. Aren't whippets fast?!

More beagles appear, some form near the HQ, might need to go sniff them out soon. Then my mate Murphy appeared, he looked ill. The beagles pulled on their coloured numbers, lined up using their servants as a starting block to push off, another loud "GO", they're off… well, some of them, they were chasing some strange red and white land-squid, it's very fast, none of them could catch it. There were quite a few races, then Chewy picked me up to get a better look, then walked around the fence, "wow, what a view I'll get." I thought. We walked up the track, I was placed in front of the squid - he said it - "go" - I ran, I sped as fast as my wee stubby legs could take me, Furry-face had the black, gadgety, clicky thing with the strap, ten giant yards away, "get out of the way Furry, the squid'll get ya!" But I caught it in time, I actually caught it. It was slimy and slippy, then Furry rescued it. It wasn't a dream, I was really there. But I was too small for a full race. I qualified though, fastest puppy!

I got to watch Murphy racing - I have a LOT of practice to do, he's cool AND fast, like lightning! Can't wait to see him when he's well.

(that's me eating my "first" rosette)
I know who I'm dedicating that to!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Box of Memories

The giants next door shouted for us as we left the HQ, they were carefully carrying a cardboard box towards us. I'm not sure what significance this cardboard box had, but Furry-face and Chewy's reaction was one of disbelief, grief, loud wailings of "Nnooooo" and their bodies turning into fountains, their eyes the spouts.

Furry-face had to hold up Chewy, she nearly fell over, so I helped by grabbing her legs. The loud noises and face-leaking continued as we returned indoors with the box, something was very wrong.

Whilst we had been far away, learning how silly deer were, someone had taken Dylan away from us using their off-road tank. I feel sad that someone could do that, and from what they said, he's not going to be coming back to us?

We had to take the cardboard box back to the nice folk at the vet school, they were sad too, but I got to play with some of the faces from the window a few days earlier. I was even taken to meet some of my relatives that live there during the day, Murphy and Babycakes. They were nice, I hope I grow up to be like Murph, he's a cooool beagle! They looked after me whilst Furry and Chewy sobbed a bit and spoke to the nice people about the box. I think I'll be seeing Murphy & Babycakes again soon.

We returned to HQ without the box, it felt very different there, like something loved was missing. I need to stop speaking now, I'm sure you understand.