Sunday, 2 August 2009

dreams come true

An early start for us all today, to help us forget the tragic events of the last few days, we set off for a trip to a car boot sale, at Kill Ross. Now, I'm sure the red tank already has a boot, but anyway, we wandered around. There were some second-hand books, jewellery, old toys, no boots, but there was this great table cover that had some old jewellery sitting on it. I had to have it, so I wandered off with it. Chewy caught the stuff from the top, and Furry-face wouldn't let me keep it, said I had covers already.

Then, they had a surprise for me… a short trip to a Kings car den, a large field with a fenced-off strip, numbers on vests and beagles, other beagles - Beagle Racing!!!

There were these two nutters, Biggles and Beanie, they shouted a lot, so I joined in, they dug up grass, so I joined in, they had a huge play fight… I watched from behind Furry-face's legs. We walked to the track where lots of giants made their dogs jealous by rubbing my fur, then we heard a loud "GO", followed by a sudden blur behind the fence. Aren't whippets fast?!

More beagles appear, some form near the HQ, might need to go sniff them out soon. Then my mate Murphy appeared, he looked ill. The beagles pulled on their coloured numbers, lined up using their servants as a starting block to push off, another loud "GO", they're off… well, some of them, they were chasing some strange red and white land-squid, it's very fast, none of them could catch it. There were quite a few races, then Chewy picked me up to get a better look, then walked around the fence, "wow, what a view I'll get." I thought. We walked up the track, I was placed in front of the squid - he said it - "go" - I ran, I sped as fast as my wee stubby legs could take me, Furry-face had the black, gadgety, clicky thing with the strap, ten giant yards away, "get out of the way Furry, the squid'll get ya!" But I caught it in time, I actually caught it. It was slimy and slippy, then Furry rescued it. It wasn't a dream, I was really there. But I was too small for a full race. I qualified though, fastest puppy!

I got to watch Murphy racing - I have a LOT of practice to do, he's cool AND fast, like lightning! Can't wait to see him when he's well.

(that's me eating my "first" rosette)
I know who I'm dedicating that to!!

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