Thursday, 13 August 2009

Running the Gauntlet

I forgot to mention that last week, I had a chance to try out a Beagle Agility Assault Course. It was after the excitement of the racing, it must've slipped my mind.

Biggles and Beanie brought along some hurdles and a scary blue tunnel, they seemed to know what they were doing, so I watched them for a while. It looked easy, so I decided to have a wee shot. I'd heard Beagles were used to wake soldiers each morning in the army, possibly another career opportunity?

The hurdles were in the lowest setting, I think the higher ones are for stilt-walking dogs from the circus. I'd watched the others sail over the bars with ease, but my short legs just couldn't reach. I instantly discovered a wee shortcut, a cunning plan to just walk straight under them as I was the perfect height for it. After the first run, well, more like a bloated, sleepy stagger, I realised that I'd taken out every fence? My harness acted like a sharks fin, knocking over each bar with perfect precision. My second attempt was more successful. I did refuse at one jump to go around the side, well, the grass was tastier there!!

The scary blue tunnel was like a horror ride at a funfair to me, there was a scary, upside-down Furry-face at the other end, making high-pitched wailing noises of "cumonen" and "thruyacum". I went through as there were treats involved, but it felt like I was surrounded by smurfs waiting to ambush me.

No rope-swings or zip-wire though, disappointed!?

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