Sunday, 9 August 2009

Racing in the Rain

After two days of a break from Chewy and Furry-face, they treated me to another day at the racing. A few of my friends from last time were there, but some were sadly missing. I had long chats with some of them, but their giants kept interrupting us. They kept getting my name wrong though, they seemed to think my name was "Heesgrown". A few even thought I was a different puppy, must have been the way I had my hair combed?

I hoped to get another wee run to try and catch that red and white land squid. I waited patiently for ages, watching the others try to get it, I got a little bored, so I tried to chew through my chain, I was nearly through when I got carried on to the track. The squid was fast this time, but I was faster, I caught it twice, even growled at it a few times whilst running. Although I didn't manage to stop the second time, it tripped me up as I grabbed it and I tumbled tail-over-snout. Very sneaky this squid, I'll get my revenge next time!

Then we all had to run, no squids to chase, but there seemed to be a flood coming from the sky.

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