Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sofa - Rumbled

For a while now, I've been sneakily practising my leaping abilities. I've been keeping it low-profile, little things have been teleporting themselves mysteriously from "out of reach" places onto the floor. A cusion, a wet towel, a jacket, rubber bands, pens, camera case - carelessness or forgetfullness got the blame, even the cloned cat was pointed at a few times.

Over the past few days, I've had some close calls. On hearing footsteps or voices, I've been spotted emerging from the main room, looking sweet and innocent, just wakened and stretching, from "my bed". But today, I was so tired, my lightning reflexes failed me. Rumbled!

I've been leaping onto the sofa for wee snoozes (avoiding the cushions as they would collect my white hairs and give my new-found abilities away), but alas, I'm discovered. Where I was always allowed up on Furry-face or Chewy, it was only on them, never the sofa itself. So now that they know of my agility, I can show them that I can jump up on them without having my rear lifted by them.

Now to perfect the 'sneak manouvre' that allows me to enter the room quietly and leap, unannounced onto them, getting the maximum startled reaction, and even high-pitched tears from Furry-face for some reason?

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