Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Nyehh… what's up, dog??

After yesterday's excitement of the party, I recalled the lady in green mentioning something about sore gums and frozen carrots. Now that she's mentioned it, my teeth and gums have been a little twitchy over the past few days, with a sudden urge to chew things very hard, and constantly. Chewy helps it a bit by rubbing that beef-flavoured paste along them, but it comes back after a while.

As luck would have it, Furry-face had been listening too and had already made a 'carrot cone' for me. It made my head shiver, but it was great. So great, I ran around, came back, growled and barked (a lot) at it, then pounced right back on to it, mnnnumnum. Not only does it help soothe my teeth and gums, it's really tasty too! Apparently, I look like something called 'Dugs Bunny'?

Getting the angle right is going to take a lot of training for Furry-face, Chewy's better at holding it, but complains of 'blue fingers', whatever that is?! I might need to invent the 'carrot cone stand' to cut out the useless Giants.

Now, I think my next blog entry should be about this funny smell that's appeared all-of-a-sudden!?!?

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