Saturday, 29 August 2009

Surprised to see me?

Early morning, I'd been walked and fed, yet the cat clone still lay on the bed, staring at me as I sat on the minefield board? He's normally ran away by this time, very odd.

It wasn't long before Chewy and Furry-face appeared, Chewy sat down on the bed, grabbed the clone and started trying to split his head apart, maybe his jaw had jammed shut, he has been a bit quiet lately? Furry mentioned something about squirming tablets? Then Chewy had both hands around his head, was he going to explode? Furry joined in, as the clone did indeed seem to be squirming, Furry knelt on the bed in front of me, that was my view spoiled!?

The struggle continued for a while, once they had both let go, Chewy moved to one side - the clone sat looking dejected and unhappy, almost foaming at the mouth. Then he realised something was very wrong. His face now one of fear, he took two paces back, hair spiky, Furry suddenly became aware, then Chewy… yes, I was watching again, but not from the floor any more. The realisation by all that I had sneaked onto the bed, which no-one knew I could do, but I'd been practicing, and I was peeking between the two Giants to get a better view.

The cat clone ran up and over Furry-face and flew out of the room, so I rolled over to get my belly rubbed - my turn!

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