Monday, 3 August 2009

Never-ending Waves and Traps

I took Furry-face for a walk to South Queensferry again, I intended to investigate the smelly "chippie" further, but after dragging him the length of the main street, there was no smell and the shop was closed. I decided to hunt for some raw ingredients at the harbour, I could smell fish, and these 'chips' must follow them around, as they always seem to be together.

I sped down a ramp to the source of the smell, but was met with small puddles of liquid similar to my drinking water, but not tasty in the slightest, it made me want to spit it out, someone must've over-salted it. As I approached the massive water bowl at the base of the ramp, the salty liquid in it started chasing me, then running away again? As soon as I dived after it, it turned around again to attack me! I bent down and growled at it, but still it ran away, came back, getting closer each time. I tried throwing some empty stone-eggs at it, but it seemed to swallow these shells and carry them away.

I tried lying down, waiting for it to get tired, but Furry-face was too impatient and carried me away up some stairs, said we'd get carried away too if we stayed any longer.

As we walked back to the tank, I saw a vantage point to get a better attack at the liquid in the massive bowl. I squeezed my ears through the gap to get a better look, A TRAP!!! This liquid must be quite intelligent to have such defences. Furry-face had to rescue me, how embarrassing!?

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