Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Joy of Socks

I have developed a strange urge lately… a sudden desire to grab things in my arms, then thrust my hips repeatedly and frantically. I have absolutely no idea why this feeling suddenly takes control, nor do I have any clue what I'm actually doing, as there seems to be no point to it, it's just like an itch that needs scratched.

The urge has led me to grab my chewy dog and repeatedly thrust at it. Now let me tell you, grabbing a long, skinny chewy dog in the right position ain't easy! It even managed to make little squeaking noises in time with my hip movements, most interesting.

Other victims of this urge include my bed, a doorstop, a plant pot, a duvet and my favourites, Furry-face and Chewy's socks! Neither of them seem to like me doing this, but they just leave their feet lying there, with socks of various colours, textures and smells. If they're sitting on the floor, the position of their foot is irresistible, as I can grab their toes easily whilst gyrating on their ankles, or even their soles if the position is reversed. It seems to have the strange reaction of them removing their socks though, which isn't fair, I can't grab their bare feet quite as well! But if I watch closely, I can see where they put them, then go steal them when they turn around, free to grab them as I please, in any position I can get myself into.

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