Saturday, 15 August 2009

Time-travelling Tin Men

We went looking for a nice place to have a run around free today, no luck, we aparently need a large fenced area to stop Furry-face and Chewy wandering off and getting lost. The search continues.

But we did stumble accross some time-travellers, these folk were from medium evil times aparently. Some were wearing old bed sheets and rugs, but there were a few giant, walking tuna tins, they must have become extinct since then. Some of the lady giants in sheets stopped to speak, obviously never had beagles in medium evil times!

I attempted to chase one of the giant men, he had a particularly fluffy sheet round his neck, all the way to his old shoes - they looked well-used, worn, soft - okay they looked tasty! I grabbed his 'cloak' but Furry-face made me let go, something about hot liquid from above? I guess it was protected like castles used to be, boiling water poured on attackers. He came back once his hands were free from coffee-type defences.

Two of these giant tuna tins were now sitting on top of vintage horses, they looked like very old models, some still had the dust covers on them. But these two tins were now carrying small trees, they started hitting each other with them? I think someone forgot the tin-opener for lunch, and they were getting hungry and desparate!

Two of the vintage horses tried to steal a giant, he looked terrified, but they stopped as they couldn't find an escape route.

When they returned to their own time, I wandered around, meeting lots of other dogs, including a hybrid beagle, he was similar size and age to me, but much stronger and very easy to wind up. He had really long legs, I bet they'd come in handy for racing!

We stopped for some food, and something called 'cones' - I preferred my leaf, it didn't have any flaky bits!

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