Friday, 7 August 2009

Ola Day

Both Chewy and Furry-face ran away today, they mentioned something about an "Ola Day"? My hard work recognised at last, a short break for beagles perhaps?

My stand-in captor has read her mission instructions, luckily, I read them first. Full advantage will be taken of "don't let him help clean up after a pee or poo, make sure he can't see you". The quick-pee distraction technique should fix that - a small pee at one end of the great hall, followed by a brisk trot to nibble on whatever bag has been left at my level.

The technique works perfectly, so well, in fact, that I managed to keep her so busy I couuld sneak into the back garden, right in to the cat-house-rabbit-house (wasn't that a Tina Turner lyric?). My timing was perfect, there must be an automatic sensor that opens the food container, the second I approached, it sprung open, a full tray of catfood! Mmmm - Cod & Plaice!

Why does this catfood taste SO much better than my rabbity-chickeny stuff?

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