Sunday, 23 August 2009

Show & Smell

Beagle Racing was early today, we had to be there for 10am, something about a fun day with shows. I was hoping for a cabaret or even a comedy hour, but instead, we got dragged around a wet field getting muddy, smelly and very soggy.

I can't resist a roll in the wet grass, especially if there's mud or poo in it, so by the time our show was meant to start, I was black! I wasn't even allowed to get any popcorn or ice cream? Mind you, I got plenty hot dogs for behaving in the ring. Which is an odd name for a square bit of field? Anyway, My 'class' was called, I was hoping it was 'cunning' or 'toy-testing' they taught, but only walking to heel and in a straight line. I'm no use at that, so I ran, bounced, barked, growled and chewed my way across the ring. I wasn't impressed with the lady that tried to steal my ears though. I gave her a paw, then the other, but she didn't want them, I suspect she was looking for sticks or stones that I'd stored in my jowls for later snacks!

I must have scared off all the competition, as I was the only beagle puppy in my class. I won! Best Beagle Puppy!

I was being bullied by a Plumber Terrier in my other class though, so I fought back (from behind Chewy's legs) and I suspect that's why I didn't get a prize that time.

My hero Murphy did really well too, he won the Best Racing dog and also got first in the Beagle Derby, again! He got a funky green coat to wear and a HUGE trophy. I could've fitted inside it, well, maybe six weeks ago. His older sister, Babycakes, won quite a few little chewy rosettes too. She's cool too!

I celebrated in style with a short run up the track, the land squid was very fast today, but so was I! I nearly escaped too, Furry-face almost didn't catch me, I was going so fast. 20 yards I got today. I think I impressed a few whippets! No photos though, Furry-face was too busy trying to catch me!

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