Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Puppy Partaay!

I'm told that I'm getting bigger, fast! But I hadn't realised it myself until today…

I was invited to a 'puppy party' to meet other pups my age, so I jumped at the chance! I was quite surprised when I arrived to find others already there, some slightly younger, a few the same age, but all much smaller. Then… she arrived! the door opened, there was a flash of light, and her Golden Retriever silhouette appeared in the doorway. Grace was her name, and she deserved it. From the way she stood, her long legs, soft blonde hair, youthful good looks, the way she pulled on her lead, right down to the way she slipped across the slidey floor, just like the rest of us had.

She sat next to me!

We were all given little rubber eggs filled with lots of biscuits and gooey treats, I wanted to share mine with Grace, she agreed. I was distracted momentarily while a pile of new toys to test were emptied onto the floor. I instantly grabbed the ones that looked most destructable and set to work. I hadn't noticed, but all the others had started running around behind me, so after I killed a toy or two, I joined in.

We bounced around the room together, went for a drink, had a run through the tunnel of love (also known as the row of chairs our Giants were sitting on). As Grace and I rolled on the floor playfully, I was aware of something tickling my back leg. I ignored the sensation for a while, but when I turned around, I had a 7 week old Jack Russell pup hanging from my leg, he was very clingy!

After the fun, we were taken out to the waiting room of the animal hospital, so that we could all bark at the bigger dogs that were waiting. Grace left without even a goodbye kiss? But we spoke to lots of folk before we left.

As Furry-face took me out the door to visit the little-boys' field, there she was, once again, a vision of cuteness! She had been bursting for the loo worse than I was and had to leave in a hurry, but the noisy Giants building a large metal and concrete structure next door, had spooked her, she was terrified. I braved the loud noises and escorted her to the communal pee field, past the noisy giants like a knight in furry armour! We played, we pee'd and then we promised to see each other again one day.

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