Thursday, 20 August 2009

Now that you know, I'll get comfy!

So I figured, now that my jumping secret has been revealed, I might as well make myself at home!?

Before, the cushions were a dead giveaway showing up my white hair, but I was looking forward to a soft, comfy lie down, this leather stuff is really slippy. I dragged the cushions into the warm sunshine, carefully got them stacked on top of each other, time for a LONG nap. Well, now that Furry-face and Chewy know I can get up here, I don't have to worry about the evidence or keep my ears tuned for the footsteps!

I awoke as the sun's warmth faded, I was aware that Furry-face had returned, sitting next to me. "This is the life" I thought, I'll just wait until he gets up for more coffee, then I'll steal the spot he's softened and warmed up for me!

1 comment:

  1. thought you were not allowed up there. Chewy will give you a row, but dont worry her mum will sort her out lol !!!!