Monday, 17 August 2009

catching a wave

I'm getting lots of practice with this long rope. Furry-face seems happy if I explore the undergrowth for a while then run to catch up, or run on ahead and find things to take him in return for treats.

I was reeled in to go visit the white-water rapids in the park. I tried to chase the waves as they swam past, I even tried to get closer. Slippy things these rocks. Hey, I can swim, who knew!? I got it though, I caught the wave, tried to carry it for a bit too, but it seeped out through my jowls as I jumped trough various tree roots.

We walked back up a big hill, then through a forest where I played at picking up a bigger stick each time. Until I found one that was clinging onto the ground really hard. Then I walked away, embarrassed.

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