Friday, 28 August 2009

I choose the toys!

We needed some supplies from the large warehouse, you know, toiletries, food… and a few other things, ahem.

Whilst Furry-face was looking at the smelly black bags and a new neck-tie for me, I was busy behind him, picking myself some new toys from the bins I could reach. There were fuzzy balls on tied-up strings, that now are less fuzzy and no longer tied-up, a bouncy ball that bounced away from me, and kept on bouncing until I lost sight of it, and my favourite new plush - a pink bone.

Yes, pink! I lifted it out quietly, started killing it straight away, and by the time Furry had spotted me, it was wrecked enough and soggy enough, he had to bring it home for me! It's standing up to some quite rigorous testing so far, apart from the washing instructions label, which has now gone!

Yes. PINK! Alright with that?! Grrrrrrrr!

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