Sunday, 16 August 2009

odd ropes and soft gray floors

I got to go see Bar Knee again today, he's looking old, I think I'll get him a couple of pairs of walking sticks as presents. His servant had a contraption that spits out lengths of rope, they attached it to me and we went outside.

Almost free!!!! I was able to run for miles, this rope seemed endless. I tried to figure out which way was home, but there was a sweet smell of hotdogs, and a brand new bouncy ball, very distracting. Furry-face was at one end of the long green carpet, Chewy at the other end. They took turns at calling me, so I went from one end to the other. Well, they were just giving away these hotdogs.

I got a bit full though, so started exploring, then this new ball went whizzing past, I gave chase. I took it to Furry-face, he didn't want it, he threw it at Chewy. I followed it and caught it just before it hit her. Chewy didn't want it either, she threw it at, well, not sure what she was aiming at, but I went to get it for Furry-face. He kept throwing it at Chewy, I kept chasing it, Chewy must've been trying to confuse my directional skills, hitting windows, sheds, bushes, Furry was safe!

I was tired, so we went to see Chewy's folks, they have a strange outbuilding (must be their toilet) that was fun to make Chewy chase me around, she got lost. As well as the strange small building, they have indoor fake concrete floors, but soft. I decided to give it a test-run, nice and soft for bouncing on, running on and also peeing on, most comfortable.

I think they should go into mass production and cover the whole of outside with it.

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