Friday, 21 August 2009

BBQ at a Beach

This morning, I was allowed a short sleep in the tank, then I was was led through a really tall grass tunnel to a hazy, sweet-smelling clearing with hundreds of Giants, and tenty-things with strings to chew on. It must be a secret location of the Giants' homeworld, entered only by grassy tunnel? The misty, smoky stuff smelled so tasty, like my hot dog treats, only more cooked. Way more cooked! It was making me drool!

I was led over a hill to see sea, and more of that sandy stuff, the sea seemed to be fighting it harder than ever. I barked at it, but was ignored. I met lots of new friends, giant and dog, some of them played with me on the beach, but they were quite careless and kept throwing their toys in the salty water. I joined in, but I only have little leggies, so I got very wet, but the water makes me quite thirsty - how odd!?

After throwing my bouncy ball in the salty stuff too many times, I decided to bury it in this sand. I frantically dug a hole, but when I turned around to get the ball, it had gone?! Only a large, sandy mound where it had been. Very strange. So I just dug some more to pass the time.

I saw some odd things though, including a man walking his box on a string in the sky, a round Giant cycling through the sea wearing a black rubber band, a pair of abandonned shoes, two Giants torturing a ball tied to a skinny tree using bats to swing it around, and some tiny buildings on the sand that I was able to demolish quite easily.

After a run, some jumping, a swim, but no midday snooze, I was glad to catch some Z's on the return home. After I'd played with the stick I sneaked on-board!!!

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