Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Beagle Binman

A very early start today, I was taken into town to meet yesterday's stand-in captor, she obviously didn't learn her lessons. I explored her lair, attacking her pet furry slippers, repeatedly. Once again, the pee distraction worked flawlessly, and I discovered, although I can't climb trees, the giant-bed in her lair was more accessible than that in Furry-face & Chewy's HQ. Or have I just eaten a cake that made me grow tall?

A large pee at one end of the lair, trot off to the room containing the bed, one large jump and small scramble later, on the bed, result! At last, I can get a decent chew of the covers, and my first taste of things called "Pillows". These things are really soft, extremely chewy yet great for bouncing up and down on. Unless, of course, they've been chewed too much, then they get too soggy and refuse to bounce.

It turned out that this "Ola" had a career plan for me. I'd heard that Edinburgh's Refuse Collectors were all on the holiday island called "Strike", so there was no-one to do their jobs collecting bins. Obviously a plan to put my hoovering skills to good use!

We set off through the streets, picking up bottles, wrappers, small cardboard telescopes, soggy things, dry things, paper that simply melts in the mouth, delicious. There were even Giant versions of my latest toy, the Kong, a more detailed report on that soon! The Giant version is apparently called "Cans", just like the Kongs, the treats inside need to be extracted from the outer puzzle bit using the tongue.

As much as my efforts seemed to be going well, one day is not enough to clean the streets. It was late when Furry & Chewy returned, they took me out for one last refuse pickup, but I refused to co-operate and jumped into their temporary tank. I slept all the way back from town.

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