Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Box of Memories

The giants next door shouted for us as we left the HQ, they were carefully carrying a cardboard box towards us. I'm not sure what significance this cardboard box had, but Furry-face and Chewy's reaction was one of disbelief, grief, loud wailings of "Nnooooo" and their bodies turning into fountains, their eyes the spouts.

Furry-face had to hold up Chewy, she nearly fell over, so I helped by grabbing her legs. The loud noises and face-leaking continued as we returned indoors with the box, something was very wrong.

Whilst we had been far away, learning how silly deer were, someone had taken Dylan away from us using their off-road tank. I feel sad that someone could do that, and from what they said, he's not going to be coming back to us?

We had to take the cardboard box back to the nice folk at the vet school, they were sad too, but I got to play with some of the faces from the window a few days earlier. I was even taken to meet some of my relatives that live there during the day, Murphy and Babycakes. They were nice, I hope I grow up to be like Murph, he's a cooool beagle! They looked after me whilst Furry and Chewy sobbed a bit and spoke to the nice people about the box. I think I'll be seeing Murphy & Babycakes again soon.

We returned to HQ without the box, it felt very different there, like something loved was missing. I need to stop speaking now, I'm sure you understand.

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