Thursday, 6 August 2009


I was walking through the park, dragging ol' Furry-face behind me, hoovering up nice sticks that had fallen from the sky (but hadn't grown up yet), when this ball of fur fell from the sky, landing bolt upright, just within pouncing distance.

It just sat there?! Furry-face was equally surprised, but after a few seconds, he reassured me that it wasn't an evil flying monkey from that 'Oz' film, it was a "Squiggel", well, that's what he said, I'm sure of it. It was a grey one, not red, I guess that means they aren't ready to eat yet?

It looked embarrassed, but just as I was about to investigate further, it started making the weirdest high-pitched noises I've ever heard. Tilting my head didn't make them any clearer, but it scampered off towards the big tree nearby, still chirping at me, as if it were my fault it had fallen from the sky?! I followed.

Today I have discovered… I can't climb trees.

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