Saturday, 22 August 2009

over, under, through, around… knots

Yesterday, I managed to soak my long rope in the sea and then drag it through some nasty horsey stuff, so Chewy treated me to a trip to the giant warehouse, and bought me a Magic Rope!

This Magic Rope is fantastic, it gets longer as I run away, yet it vanishes as I run back towards it, now how am I going to catch it to play? It seems to be quite stubborn sometimes, no matter how hard I pull it or lick it, it just won't come out. Very odd, further testing required at a future date!

It didn't take me long to figure out that if I go around a tree or a fencepost, whichever Giant is on the other end of the Magic Rope has to either come with me, or pass the handle around the object.

Well, I'm not one to miss an opportunity, under a fence, around the post, through a bush, and then back under the original fence for good measure. By that time, the first knot has been undone, so perfect timing. Trees are no fun though, I was chasing a leaf on the wind but it cunningly circled a tree to escape. I have decided that leaves are, in fact, magicians, and are aware of the secrets of the Magic Rope.

I theorise that I could weave the Magic Rope in and out of a Giant's legs to tie them up on the spot, a gentle push should be enough to conquer and overcome them!

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