Tuesday, 18 August 2009

a spot of gardening

not so long ago, I discovered the sneaky tricks gardeners use to keep their plants safe. Nets, fences, large invisible forcefields, and even making plants live on top of walls. Now, my wee leggies can't get me up to these walled gardens yet, but my cunning has won the day again.

The distraction technique, if timed properly, should catch out even the most experienced and knowledgeable dognapper! The coat gets put on, the treats placed in pocket, leash gets picked up, "sit", door unlocked, handle pulled down, pee now! During the long walk to the food preparation room, squeeze a paw in the gap the door has. Free! Well, into the front garden at least!

But what to snack on? So much choice - grass, heather, weeds, leaves, petals, more weeds… and roses. Quite a challenge these roses! My first bounce through the garden a few days ago, I found the clever defences of these roses. They fired a triangular pointy bit of wood into my paw pads. Furry-face had to remove it as I couldn't walk without it getting pushed further in. But today, I was ready, I snuck up on them from behind, snapping off their arms between the defences, chomping away to remove their skin, the leaves and petals are quite tasty!

Once the pee was neutralised, my rose attacking was foiled, head down, tromp back through the leaves, sad, sorrowful eyes set to maximum!

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