Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Stick Rattling

it's one thing to carry a stick around, but to put it to good use whilst it's in your mouth takes great skill.

Here's something you could try next time you're out for a walk, pick up a medium to large-sized stick, carefully work it over to one side of your mouth, hanging out by the end. Next you need to find a metal fence or equally spaced out fence poles or posts. Metal, wood or plastic, although metal polse give the best effect. Metal fences with small gaps are the funniest.

Make sure the stick is hanging out of your mouth at the side the fence is on, then casually move closer until it starts to contact the fence/poles. Keep a tight grip on the stick, start the clanging. Well spaced-out posts give a solid 'donk' every so often, but if you can find a metal fence with small gaps, a rewarding 'ratatatatatatatatatat' will sound for the length of the walk. Or until a giant has had enough noise and removes the stick.

Apologies for the poor-quality video, Furry-face isn't as handy with video as he is stills, I think it's the lack of straps!

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