Tuesday, 14 July 2009

smell follows noise…

Now, I like my food, but the lamb and rice concoction has some odd side-effects…

There I was, lying in bed, planning my next attack on the standy-up toys, when there was this loud 'pffwwt' noise from behind me!? I immediately became aware of an unbearable odor, I did the only sensible thing I could think of quickly… I ran!

I skidded across the fake wood floor into the great hall, finally gaining speed when my feet hit the brown fluffy stuff, but it had followed me, I could smell it stronger than ever. I ran to the door, nope, still there, ran all the way to the back door, nope, still bad, back into the first room, I can't shake this smell? As I ran back out, I noticed the two giants were suffering too, one was almost unconscious, whilst the other seemed to be writhing in agony, folded over and crying!

I finally managed to lose it by sneaking under the edge of the big bed cover, it couldn't find me under there.

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