Monday, 20 July 2009

Fast and Woofified

The giants decided it would be a good idea to take me to meet their parents, and cure my fear of loud noises and cars at the same time.

I'm told that car shows are an opportunity for giants to take the cars they've bred to compete against each other. This is great for getting cars socialised at an early age, where they can meet different breeds, all colours and sizes, and even win prizes for 'best parked', 'loudest voice' or 'silliest face-paint'. Some of these breeds of cars have very loud voices, some can even scream very loudly at each other, but there were a few that sounded quite ill, I even heard folk saying they were "sick, dude!" So why take them to socialise if the other cars might catch their disease?

These shows also seem to be an excuse for the lady giants to display their chewy bits and hug their cars, some of them even found the time to give their cars a bath?! One or two of the ladies are even quite pretty!? I didn't mind much though, as I seemed to be more popular than either the cars or chewy bits were, both sexes of giant were interested in me!

I met a baby yellow working car, he was only a pup, but not as playful as I hoped he would be. He stared at me a lot though, maybe he knows my toys?

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