Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Self Teleportation

…or the illusion of anyway. This game requires expert timing, not advised for beginners or those still learning to waddle. This works best when only an audience of one can appreciate it.

Some preparation for this may be necessary, although not essential. To get the best effect, place your toys in various locations where they can easily be seen by the victim, but not too far apart that you can't get reach them in time… all will be explained.
Wait patiently until the unsuspecting victim's back is turned or they look away for at least three seconds, strike a pose and wait. When they turn around, sit perfectly still but maintain eye contact. I find sitting bolt upright with a toy just hanging from your mouth works best, but you can also try lying on your back feet in air, looking at them upside down (not too close to them though, as they can't resist giving a tummy tickle if too near them).

Now comes the hard bit. Remain in this pose until they look away again, then, you must quietly, but as fast as you can, make your way to your second location, grab the next toy and strike a pose yet again. It can either be the same pose or the complete opposite from before, but make sure you're perfectly still again before they turn back. This can be repeated as often as you wish, you can even use the same toy for each pose, it's the location change that gives the effect of self teleportation. Quickly but quietly remember!

Get some friends over, explain the rules to them, and teleport as a group, that'll really freak them out!

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