Sunday, 26 July 2009

Bar Knee Tail

We returned to the home of the old grey dog with the odd name, he seemed more alert this time, I think he's been through rehab! Those eyes just say it all!

The rooms were smaller than I remember, and Bar Knee had hidden his sausages from me, but I found his pig and also a funky tyre. This thing must be alive, it rolls away from me on its own and is pretty good at sneaking up on me.

It looks like Furry-face also managed to play the same evil 'tail' trick on grey dog, but he can't reach his, he's not as bendy as me. I offer to help him out, grabbing it for him, trying to remove it and shake it off, but they seem to have installed the same anti-tamper, pressure sensitive torture device, he keeps yelling when I help.

I was allowed to roam free, untethered within their green-carpeted fortress, with a wooden barrier all around. The giants shouted on me a lot, I went to them sometimes, as they had tasty hot dog treats, but I found some other, rather nice food planted there whilst I wandered. As well as delicious daisies, I discovered I now like pansies and azalea japonica, must be a delicacy from afar.

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