Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Massive Dog Toy in the Water!!!

I seem to get out on LONG afternoon walks now, but sometimes we go out in the evening instead. I don't mind either way, but the light's better to see things in the day.

I was taken to South Queensferry to chase moths and small flies, I even met another dog, I think she was a vagrant as she didn't have any servants with her, but my giants seemed to know her. But then I spotted a HUGE toy in the water, it's big and red, even has a shaped bit in the middle to grab on to! I kept trying to chase after it, but I couldn't quite reach it, maybe it had a forcefield around it to stop dogs stealing it? After I had tired out those two, we headed home, but we drove past something called a "chippie", although they didn't stop, the smell stuck in my nose for hours, I hope we go back so I can investigate!

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