Thursday, 30 July 2009

Mad Cows in Dumfries?

After a long ride in the tank, we were met by Anthea & Dave, two very mad giants. We were taken on a tour of their kingdom, through a feeding garden, where every step there was something new to eat, past an angry factory that kept venting steam, and a large, smelly hotel for fish.

Kick the Coo Brae is an artists town, full of very mad people and very odd places. We visited an outdoor piano, a boat in a garden, a president's shed and a tiny field of cardboard cows? Furry-face and Chewy helped build a temporary house, it took 6 of them, the instructions said they only should have used 2, that's maybe why it took them so long, it was funny to watch, but I was happy enough chewing on a giant stick they'd left me. They had to move my dizzy stick though, it was placed too close to the plants, whilst they were playing at builders, I wandered into a shrubbery for a feast!

After a snooze and convincing the giants to try eating some plants, we all went to listen to some plumbers in skirts playing their bags of pipes and washing machine drums, a Scottish tradition I understand, but the noise didn't bother me. I met lots of mini giants wanting to rub my fur, and also met a gorgeous older woman with long, wiry hair, she liked me, but Chewy wouldn't let us run off together! So I decided to take Chewy for a long walk instead, during which I became a work of art on my very own plynth, just like in London's Tresvulgar Square.

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