Monday, 27 July 2009

Protected by Guard Cows

Furry-face took us in his red tank to a House full of Binns today, these bins must be incredibly important as they have a regiment of large, highly-smelly bovine soldiers guarding them. We had to navigate through them as they stopped us by standing in front of the tank, staring us down or running slowly in front of us. Don't cows run funny?! The smell was overpowering, I could see them as I stood up at the window, but I could smell them from anywhere.

There were also white fluffy things, no, not clouds, sheep. What's the point of sheep? No use as guards, they run away, untrainable and they just follow each other everywhere, sounds like humans, I know!

Once we got to the large house, we didn't even go inside to see the Binns, said I wasn't allowed, but I think these bins are top secret, why else would they be so well guarded?

We went for a walk through the trees instead, and then did some hill-climbing, through minefields left by the cows and sheep, up to a tall, round tower, it was locked though, maybe some kind of prison, but we couldn't rescue the prisoners inside. They'd even hung a large blue, stripey towel up a pole, very odd behaviour.

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