Saturday, 25 July 2009

horses and hairy mountains

Well, after a disappointing trip to the canal, apart from Furry-face falling down the stairs at an aqueduct, I was taken to meet lots of other dogs and these things called horses.

These horse things are huge, they all had giants growing from their backs, but they leave smelly land mines everywhere they go. All of their human growths made the funny "oh how cute" noises at me, but Furry-face wouldn't let me chase them away.

I also met a hairy mountain that licked me, Furry and Chewy said it was called a 'New Found Land', an interesting concept of a mini, mobile island you take with you on holiday? I met lots of other things too, other dogs that were able to carry huge sticks (I had a go myself, need bigger legs to accomplish that), lots of toddlers and screaming mini-giants, and also a strange, wet, semi-skinned one that looked as if he had fell from the sky, landed flat-out on a bridge over the river. He wasn't moving, barking at him didn't help, but licking his wet, dirty feet seemed to wake him up again.

We had a race back up the hill to the red tank, something about a trophy for getting back before the gate was locked at 5? I won!

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