Friday, 17 July 2009

Surround Sound Whistling

Originally uploaded by Hugh Beauchamp
These giants have a huge, flat cage in the corner with people trapped inside, I can see, and also hear them from my bed. Sometimes they make such a loud noise it wakes me. Although the cage is large, it doesn't seem very deep, but I think there's some kind of portal technology there, as I can see the captives large and then running away into the distance, and I know there's not that much room behind it. (but there is a lot of curly black worms back there, I must investigate later)

My fellow captors in the portal seem to know I'm here though. I was admiring their large green carpet as they hit their little white eggs with sticks, and every so often, I could hear them clearly whistling for me. Now, I'm not positive, but I think they might be trying to escape their cage using a tunnel, as I could hear the sounds of whistling all around me!? It sounds like they're under the fake wood floor, but definitely behind the large black sofa thing the giants don't think I can get up on.

They must have wild animals on their green carpet, as they were speaking about a Tiger, Goosen (must be more than one Goose), and possibly some Elks called Ernie and a Fisher (again, must be more than one Fish). Their spokesman was someone called Peter Alliss, he has a nice, calming voice, it sent me back to sleep, even over the people whistling for me. Doesn't he say "Ailsa Craig" a lot though?

(thanks to Hugh for the use of his photo)

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