Wednesday, 22 July 2009


There seems to be a switch somewhere that turns the outside of the giants HQ into a swimming pool. When the front door opened this morning, there was a lake up to the step and it stretched all the way to the beepy lights on the corner. Some cars swam past, creating a tidal wave that completely soaking furry-face. He carried me all the way to the park, so I escaped the swimming.

All that water makes sticks slippy, but they melt easier when chewed, great fun! I kinda like lying down in the rain, there's drinking bowls everywhere too. The water falling hurts a little today, and the sky's growling at me, but dragging furry-face into the bushes is fun.

I was really glad to get home, I got wrapped in a large towel as he tried to rub my fur off. Not a moment too soon, I was desperate for a wee! (I made sure I did it whilst old furry-face was getting changed into yet another set of clothes) There's a funny smell in here now, hehe, it smells like wet human!

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