Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The odd smell now realised

I was asleep, kind of dreaming, but I could smell this familiar, yet elusive scent once more. The same one I've been sensing since I arrived here. I slowly opened my eyes to reveal the source of the stench, a cat! Granted, really dopey-looking one, but a black and white cat just the same.

He had an advantage over me, he was much bigger, with skinny, gangly legs, and was towering over me. I calmly said "hello" with a polite sniff, he replied tentatively, but then there was the refusal to play. Unacceptable in my book, every time I tried to get closer for a better look, he backed away, some kind of cat game I'll bet? I guess I'm supposed to join in, so I keep moving, getting faster and closer, we're in the hall, turning left, right, under, over, he makes a run for it to the main entrance, a cunning and nimble left turn then he disappeared completely??? I reckon he went through that Stair Gate thing, my research is incomplete on that subject, so I'll leave it for now, he'll keep until another time he enters this realm.

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