Wednesday, 29 July 2009

vet nap

I met a really nice man in a white coat at the vet school today, but I was quite rude and fell asleep whilst he was speaking. Apparently, it's not normal for a dog to get themselves comfy and nod off to sleep whilst lying on the examination table? Don't know why, that rubber is quite soft and rather comforting, it doesn't soak up the drool though?!

I was wakened by laughter coming from a window, lots of faces appeared to laugh at my sleepiness, someone even came in and took photos, I tried to lick the lens, but she was too fast, so I fell asleep again. After the nice man poked and prodded me (I think he was trying to remove my eyes), we went to meet lots of fun people and other dogs, some ignored me, barking at them doesn't seem to help them notice me, odd!? Then I met a really giant dog, he gave me a wash just by standing over me, then blew on me and I fell over. I think his name was Bernie the Mountain?

I like it there, think I'll go back to visit when I need a snooze.

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