Sunday, 19 July 2009

Goodbye Brown, Hello Green!

I thought I was going parachuting when they strapped me into a little black harness! next thing I know, I'm leaving the smelly old brown carpet behind me as I'm taken through a wilderness of flowers. I was led out of the HQ boundary fence, on to some confusing grey substance underfoot, I can see stones, but I can't pick them up, they're sunk in!?

After sitting for ages on bumpy ground, loud beeps tell me it's ok to run like the wind towards lush, green carpeting filled with goodies to lick, eat, chew or carry. So much to explore, so many things to smell. The green carpet is apparently called "grass", I don't care, it's just great to eat, roll in, grab mouthfulls to carry, and so soft to run and tumble on. The harness chafed a bit though, really makes me itch, and the rope that brings the giant behind me gets a bit tangled round my legs, but it's ace, no more brown!

After a walk for miles and miles, we returned to the HQ via the beepy thing, good, I needed to pee on the brown carpet again.

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