Thursday, 23 July 2009


They forgot to turn off the swimming pool switch yesterday, it's still wet out. I didn't know furry-face had so many clothes?! He's not well today, I can tell, he needs me to look after him, but I appreciate him taking me out to play in the wet. The sky is still angry but growling louder today, I'm told it's 'thunder' and isn't anything to worry about.

I've decided to treat ol' furry-face to a game of 'drag the bed'. This consists of getting one corner as wet as possible from chewing it, then sliding it across the fake-wood floor as quickly as I can, before running to the front door and back then diving onto it, skidding as far back to where it should be as I can. Add toys for the added complexity of trying to keep them on the bed. The game ends by falling asleep wherever the bed finishes, it will mysteriously slide it's own way back to the starting position once asleep!

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