Saturday, 18 July 2009


I was beagle racing, all of us chasing a remote controlled hot dog. I was out in front, even had managed to pick up the most passing things in my mouth, including a large stick, wads of freshly-cut grass and three rubber balls. The finish line was in sight, still in the lead, breathing frantically, legs flailing behind me, but as I approached the finish line, I realised the world ended and there was a huge drop over a cliff.

I straightened my legs, dug in my paws as I skidded over the line, winning but falling, heading for a giant lake of marshmallow topped with sprinkles. As I hit the lake, I awake with a start, upside down and totally exhausted, furry-faced giant laughing at me uncontrollably, how embarrassing.

Still, I'm glad I was on my back and my legs were flailing above me, I might have ended up in the next town over!?

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