Tuesday, 28 July 2009

It's Careless to Burn an Island

Today we visited the island that got burnt, I mean, how careless are these giants? I thought they were over reacting again, but, sure enough, theyre still at it. Evidence all along the cliff path that they still burn it today.

Someone kept blowing in my face whilst we were on the cliffs. I couldn't see who, every time I turned around, they'd gone?! I don't like it, I try to catch the air with my teeth before it hits my nose, but it's tricky.

We met a few other dogs, they didn't like me much, even rolling on my back whilst howling didn't win them over. Then we went on a completely wasted trip to see the Kings Horn, no sign anywhere, so I got dragged to Petty Curse Bay. On the way there, the tank windows were down, and Chewy was shouting at a man we passed, he had a smelly bum apparently? I was too busy listening our for those funny popping noises behind me again!

Once we arrived, there were more cats to chase, lots of fishy smells and I discovered this stuff called 'sand'. It's great, really chewy and has lots of funny stones in it, they're shells apparently?! I don't have the time to sit and wait for a stone to hatch out of its shell, but it only seems to happen at beaches, they must need the salted water or something? Anyway, sand tastes great, so does the 'sea wee' it has in it. There was a small sealskinned thing playing with a toy in the water, iy was getting blown away by the mysterious face-blower, he was being dragged for miles. Furry-face and Chewy said they wanted to scream, I couldn't be bothered, it was time for my nap!

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