Monday, 27 July 2009

the dizzy stick

Whilst I was at the heavily cow-guarded mansion, I was placed in a large green-carpeted area with all-in-one table seats scattered about, but I was not allowed to roam free. I was attached to a large, shiny, twisted stick they planted. This stick seemed to have a forcefield around it, because when I reached a certain distance, I was stopped in my tracks. I tried running as fast as I can in the direction the forcefield allowed, but I just got dizy and fell over, the forcefield became stronger the more I ran, the area became smaller, until Furry-face hit some kind of reset switch, allowing me the original distance.

An impromptu game was devised to fool the forcefield, it allowed me to weave in and out of the wooden legs of the tablechairs, causing Furry-face to chase me by crawling and retracing my route.

Then they taunted me with strange bird-like creatures, they called them pee-a-lots or something, they wanted to eat my food, and the giants' food too, but I suspect they were after my chewy tyre! I got revenge by chasing them away (as far as the forcefield allowed) and then eating their supply of grass, sticks, and some strange round pellets that tasted yucky, but I ate them anyway.

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