Friday, 31 July 2009

oh deer…

After a long, fun day of artiness in an arty town, with very arty (pronounced 'nutty') people, it was time to get back in the tank to sleep whilst we return to HQ. It was dark and there were even bigger tanks than ours on the road, but there was more on the road than tanks…

Something called a 'deer' didn't go to the hedgehog's school of road safety. It decided to run across the road without looking either way, between the larger tanks in front, and us. I was just nodding off to doggy dreamland as I was jolted forward, only stopped by the cumbersome restraint they insist on making me chew whilst inside the tank. Deer are apparently very stupid, thinking they could win a fight with a red tank driven by Furry-face. Furry managed to stop very quickly, and got out to shout at the deer, I think. I'm not overly interested in deer, but as it was cold, and late, I decided to go for another sleep.

Many hours later, I awoke beside a man with a mummy tank that carried our red tank on its back, he was nice, spoke of VW's and Harleys, although he did call me a spaniel, how insulting?! After he helped Furry-face patch up our tank, we set off on a long, slow trek, all tired and shaken, but uninjured, to arrive home at 3am. I fancy a midnight snack!

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