Thursday, 16 July 2009

Tough Toys?

Could I have met my match? The 'tough toy' has arrived, made from heavy duty rubber and multicoloured to try to confuse me. It's made from several parts, all the same shape, linked together, not sure how they've managed that? on first observation, there doesn't appear to be any weak point.

"Nobbly Wobbly" it's called, yeah, I laughed too, not exactly named to be tough now, is it? Maybe they mean tough, as in, a mental stimulant, rather than being hard to destroy? I think I'm supposed to figure out how to untangle the different colours, but how did they tie it like that in the first place? I reckon there's a production line of magicians sitting at a conveyor belt, linking them like those steel rings they have!

On with the testing!

After an hour, the toy was defeated by a technical knockout, as it was taken from me due to the noises I could get it to make with my teeth. The noise just happened to sound conveniently like teeth snapping off! I'm fine though, just thought it was loud and worrying to the giants after the first noise, so I carried on. I'll have to try again though, it took me so long because it doesn't play fair, it bounces in directions that don't make sense to the laws of physics.

It IS quite dense rubber, but I managed to make some very deep gouges in it, I suspect certain colours may be weaker than others as you can see, but I still can't untie it, I'll borrow some anti-tangle shampoo, that might do the trick!?

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