Monday, 20 July 2009

Sticks and Stones…

Now that I'm getting out to play, there's so many things to explore. I've found these things called 'sticks' that come from the sky, some of them land upright and start growing.

Sticks call out to me, "carry me" they shout, sometimes it gets a bit confusing when there's so many of them around, I try to keep them all happy, but some have to be left behind, but picking them up quietly whilst moving results in a nice surprise for whoever is with me. Getting the stick comfy in my mouth can be difficult, they like to be carried from one end, with the biggest part sticking out a long way to the side, but they need to be kept as steady as possible, so must keep my head still as I move.

After taking them for a short walk, they need to be taken as quickly as possible to a small patch of grass, where they should be devoured slowly, first removing their skin and then gradually crunching them from one end to the other. If they resist, I must pick them up and shake them madly until they're dizzy, then start chewing again.

Stones are boring, but good to worry giants! Picking them up and scraping them against my teeth seems to induce panic, so I try to pick them up discretely whilst moving, and chewing them when it's most unexpected.

Picking up as many stones and sticks unnoticed whilst moving is a great game, my record so far is two stones and three small sticks before being discovered.

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