Wednesday, 30 September 2009

delivery for Breac

I recognised the 'ding-dong' as being our front door alert, not the one on the surround sound prison portal device in the corner. I ran to see if I could get there before Furry-face, but he cheated, holding me back by my neck-restraint.

It was the man in blue with the big bag, he comes by every day to put bits of paper through a slot in the door, Furry-face usually has to chase him away as he seems to like putting the neighbours' bits of paper in our door.

But this time, it was a big box… for me!! I was so excited, I'd never had anything from the bag-man before!

I wanted to play with the box, but Furry said that wasn't the present? It was a get-well gift from Bar Knee. Furry opened it and gave me the contents, a wonderful ball of string that glowed so bright it almost blinded me!

I set to work on it instantly, it looked indestructible, no ends!! I pulled and tugged, chewed and nibbled, sure enough, ten minutes later, I had an end showing, another 5 mins had Furry-face stepping in to remove it, demolished! Thanks Bar Knee, but I need tougher toys than that, sick and drugged up or not!

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