Monday, 28 September 2009

what's so great about danes?

I went for the longest walk of my short life today. I left the HQ at 11:30am and I've just got back!

There I was, minding my own stick, and two monster dogs turned the corner of the field. Great Danes apparently, must be on holiday from Daneland? One took a wide route through the corn stubble, but the other steered it's giant right past me. I panicked and sat straight down on my tail. But then my short life flashed before me, it was like speed-reading my whole blog.

It lunged at me in a flash, I felt my head disappear as it grabbed me in its powerful jaws, clamping down on my skull, trying to crush me. Is it playing I thought? But then it shook me like it wanted to kill, this was no game. It hurt, it really hurt. I yelled louder than I've ever done before, screaming for it to stop and let go, but its Giant just pulled at it, that didn't help. Then I became aware of Furry-face suddenly jumping to action, I felt a few dull echos of Giant thuds as he pounded it to make it let go. I have no idea how long I was held as prey. Furry-face had managed to hurt it enough that it dropped me.

I slinked into the field as Furry dropped to my side, he held me and checked I was still alive. I realised that it still hurt as Furry barked loudly at the dane's Giant, he carefully scooped me up in his arms. I was leaking red stuff, so he carried me back across the field to the tank.

Before I knew it, I was at the vet school. Good, I could do with a sleep after my ordeal! They wouldn't let me snooze though, as they touched my head, it was sore. I tried to make them stop, but they tied my mouth closed and stole some fur. They hurt me some more with sharp things before they left me alone, but they were all really nice about it, especially when they gave me a hairbrush microphone and joined in singing 'hound dog'.

I realised Furry was missing, but I found out later that he'd gone to a Giant hospital to get his fist bones fixed.

I'm off to eat all the treats that Chewy and Furry have brought me, they seem to be needing a lot of hugs from me tonight. I don't mind one bit.


  1. Poor Breac! I hope you and Furry-face both get well soon, and put this nasty incident behind you.

    Best wishes,
    Beanie & Biggles

  2. Poor Furry Face and Chewy too!!!!

    It must have been terrifying - well done to furry face for being so brave. What a hero!

    You'll need to spend LOTS of time with nice dogs for a while so that you learn that other dogs aren't scary.

    Take care,

    Susan (Beanie & Biggles mum)

  3. Are you feeling better Breac? Lucy (my Australian beagle) and I think that those bullies were very mean... and we hope that you aren't too hurt!

  4. Thanks Biggles, Beanie & Susan. I'm getting better every day, even trying to lick Furry-face's sore hand better!

    Odysseus & Lucy, thanks for your concerns, I'm doing much better now. I'm just a bit wary of any dog that looks like it could be a bully now!