Wednesday, 16 September 2009

spitting teeth

I have a habit of just sitting chewing things in the garden, sometimes flowers, petals, seed heads, even rose branches, but it's usually stones.

I had been sitting next to the main entrance this morning, nibbling on a small pebble, when Furry-face caught me and started shouting for his invisible friend Droppit so I thought I'd better spit the pebble out to help him find his friend. As the pebble tumbled to the path, but there was a second noise hitting the ground… yet another tooth?!

Now this is getting serious. Little ones I can let walk out on me, but this one was huge! Could my toy-testing career be over? I think I need to get some toothcuffs to keep them in place, maybe I can stick them back in with glue? What next? Are my ears going to fall off?

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