Friday, 11 September 2009

Ice-cream Invasion?

I met Rab from the Burnt Island today, he's cool, he likes to play at fetch and has a dog called Cindy. She wasn't very happy that I was there though, she ran away and hid on the sofa, and I'm not allowed on other sofas apart from the HQ.

I found toys she'd left lying around and even some food, very tasty it was too, until Furry-face showed up and told me it wasn't mine. I found it, surely that makes it mine!?

Rab has a gadgety strappy thing too, so he and Furry-face took us for a walk whilst they played at gadgets. We stopped for a drink outside a pub, where they had non-alcoholic drinks for dogs and table-leg snacks for us to chew on. Rab caught fire at one point but didn't seem to mind, he kept blowing it away and seemed to enjoy it.

On the way home, a huge ice-cream jumped out on us, I attempted to save the others by growling and barking at it. I think I scared it as the others seemed to be calm beside me. I was worried that this might be the start of an invasion force form the giant 99 flake world, but then I spotted the chain, realising it was obviously just someones pet.

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