Saturday, 12 September 2009

the biggest water bowl ever

Yet another weekend walk in a forest, only this time I had to sleep in the red tank before I got there. Berts Hire I think it was called.

There were more trees, lots of stick, some tasty ferns and lots of giants out being walked. I stopped to meet a few of them, but there were too many nice smells I had to investigate.

At the top of the hill, there it was… the biggest drinking bowl I've ever seen! The bottle it was being poured out of was HUGE! Not only could I have got my tongue in it, I could have walked in with Furry-face, Chewy and the tank!

The only problem I had, was getting to it. It seemed they had to keep it behind bars, they'd probably heard how much water I can drink!? I could feel the spray from it ups where we were, and I could hear it too, how cruel is that?

We sat on a bench and watched as Furry-face climbed down to get me some, he took his gadget strappy thing with him, but it doesn't hold much water, when he came back, I had to lick the water from his wet feet and trousers. I'm sure that water was even salmon flavoured!

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