Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Mooing Wall

We were out for a walk in the country tonight, and I heard a strange noise coming from the wall beside us.

It was mooing at us like a cow, but it was just a wall? As I looked closer, I saw that this wall actually had ears… and a nose… even eyes?! It had the head of a cow but the body of a wall? I tried barking and howling at it, but it just bobbed up and down. I suspect the cow had been teleporting somewhere and had a misfire of the co-ordinates, thus, landing inside the wall. The only other possibility was that a female cow and a male wall… nah, that's just silly!?

I attempted to make Furry-face and Chewy aware of the poor animal's plight, but they just wanted to get home before CSI Sunday, whatever that is? I think they meant SKI Sunday, these Giants really can't speak too good, are they?

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